Listening to Music & Google Home Mini type functionality on Relay


Hi, one of the things I saw early on, but haven’t seen mentioned lately is listening to music. Is this only over WiFi, or is it also over cellular? Will it be a portable google home mini (sans always listening) in addition to the walkie-talkie, and other core functionality of it?


I know there are mentions of Music from your playlists and google assistant type functions. I am interested in those functions as well, since I have older kids too, that would appreciate that more than the younger ones.


Thanks for posting @k2_btown! We don’t have all the details to answer you questions JUST yet…but this is definitely a feature we’d like to see for Relay. Be on the lookout in the coming weeks, we are planning an exciting roadmap of channels with features like these to be released post-launch. As a music-head myself, I know a player would be a feature I’d use frequently. Based on what others are saying about wanting to use Relay while exercising, I’m sure it’s something others are clamoring for too!

What kind of music can we get?