Location error/app says relay is nowhere close to it's physical location


When checking the location of one of my Relays, the app says it’s location is over 2 miles away at a location the Relay has never been. How can I trust the ability of the Relay to know where my son is when it’s sitting in my house the app says it’s nowhere even close?


The answer is obviously “If that is the case, you can’t”

My experience is different. My Relay does a VERY good job of knowing where it is at. If it is in the center of my house (indoors!), it gives me my actual address!. When I moved to one side of my house, it gave me TWO addresses, mine and the neighbor on that side of my house. I gave it to my daughter at the local amusement park and was able to track her to the line she was standing in for the ride she was at!

I am very happy with location tracking.


I’ve had this happen once. My daughter was at a friends house and it was reporting a location about 1/4 mile from where she actually was. I was staring at the tracking trying to figure out why she was standing in the middle of a busy intersection.


Are you on WiFi when this is happening? If this issue is pretty consistent, please open a help ticket and our technicians will take a look.


It was on WIFi in my home feet away from my phone. The Relay said it was 1.6 miles away. I would understanding a 16ft error from where it was but not 1.6 miles away.

I submitted Help ticket and thus I’ve taken out the sim card and seeing if that helps. After 24 hours no more bizzare gps locations. Now the Sim card doesn’t want to stay in its tray…


I too am having this problem. I just got my first relay and am awaiting the second.

I am on wifi- but the location that was shown prior to connecting to wifi was literally about the same location. It was just a couple of blocks away, when I am physically over 3 miles away.


Hi @docpepson, if you’ll reach out to our support team. We should be able to work towards a solution for this.