Location history on Relay App



I have noticed, that when Relay is off (which would happen when the battery dies), there is absolutely no information available on the Relay app. Even location history. And this gets scary. Can you store certain data from Relay, including a location, on cloud to become available on app at all times?
Better yet, every time Relay goes off power, send last location/battery status to the server for later retrieval via app. This helps to figure whether it was shut off on purpose or due to battery rundown.
Even better, reserve battery level, so when battery is low, Relay goes off for messaging but remains available for location tracking.


I like storing location history.

I like this even better. Each orderly shutdown (for power or user initiated) sends one last location to the server.

This sounds pretty impossible, but I really like the first two!


Or even save last known location in the app. I noticed, when the Relay loses connection, if you tap location history, the last location will momentarily appear and then disappear, so it must already be in a local cache. Shouldn’t be too hard to intentionally display that, with a message reminding that the Relay device is offline, and it is displaying the last reported location. That seems like it would be possible to do entirely in that app - no change necessary in the Relay or server code. At least as a temporary or fall-back.

I do like the idea of the Relay device sending an usolicited location report prior to any graceful shutdown (intentional or low-battery).


Yeah, love these. My wife and I use Life360 on Android for tracking, and we get pinged when the other person’s phone is low on battery, and if the phone is off we can still gather previous location history.

This seems like a great idea for the Relay’s to at least store location history in the app per device and maybe allow for an option to ping one another when a battery is low. That way you can call them and tell them to come home, etc etc.


Yeah even google maps shows last known location, like I can see where my teen is when he shuts off his phone on the way to school. I hope this is a good product, how happy are y’all with this? I’m downgrading 3 kids from smartphones and Angelsense. Hopefully this will work out for us. Just waiting to receive


Unless I am in the app refreshing location it does not show anything.

Literally I can take a trip with the relay and the only location shown is the house.

Would be really helpful to get some kind of location updates without having to hit refresh.


We do this for children’s privacy reasons. We only collect location on demand and only store the last address requested the parent.
Since this is children’s information, we are reluctant to store it on servers.


Just to add to this, it would also be very nice to be able to see a map with the location on it. While an address is nice (and as seen in the video it would provide Google Assistant a way to respond with information other than coordinates), I don’t think it’s as helpful as being able to zoom in on a map to see detailed location.


This should be added as it’s own idea.


If you tap the address in the Relay app, it opens a Google Map. At least that’s what it does on Android. If you’re on Apple I dunno.


As a temporary solution, I purchased the Tile to be able to locate them around the house where they seem to get lost the most with dead batteries. Unfortunately, this won’t help too much if there lost outside - luckily, this hasn’t happened yet


It opens iOS’ native Maps app.