Locking Mechanism


I’m linking to this Beta thread here so those of us not in the beta can comment. I want to say that I think the way locking works now is exactly right. The point for me is to prevent accidental activations of the Relay so that I’m not “pocket Relaying” while sitting, climbing a mountain, whatever. I would NOT want the incoming audio muted because I still want the relay working. I think of it as a screen lock on a smartphone.

If I want inbound audio to be disabled, I would just turn the unit off. That way there’s no sound AND others can tell that my Relay is offline rather than perhaps just thinking I’m ignoring them or not hearing their broadcasts.


Thank you, @louisdi. I hope that if anyone does want a feature like muting the device they will go and add that over at #share:ideas

We really want to have meaningful feedback to make Relay better.