Login for Ex-wife?

I’ve searched the forums and found some members suggesting this, but my situation is the following; I’m trying to stay communicated with my daughter who lives with her mom. I’d like to be able to grant her mom some access but not wanting her to have full access to my login/accounts. I believe this has been asked before, but as a newcomer I ask, has this or something similar been implemented yet?

Thank you for your time guys!

You are looking for a deviceless account login and at the moment it doesn’t exist. You are correct that it has been requested and the Relay team has stated that they are working on it, though I am not sure of the status.

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Hi @Sevenlives and welcome to the Neighborhood! @Fotoman2100 is correct - app only accounts are on the roadmap but not available quite yet. We’ll be sure to announce via email as well as here on the Neighborhood when they are released!