Long distant co parent question

My husband just recently learned that his daughter who lives out of state has a relay. He asked about being added as a profile so he could contact her through it and was told his phone needs to be right next to the relay to initially sync or connect. It seems to me if one has the app and credentials one would be able to connect to the relay associated with said credentials regardless of distance but I’m just not sure about that. Does anyone have any additional information about this?

You do not need to be right next to the relay in order to activate.The only challenge is that he would need to share the same parental login information. I am not sure that that is ideal but we are working on a user version of the app which should alleviate this when completed.

If both parents agree to share the same login all he would need to do is download the relay app onto his phone and login.


This is great news. My wife and I use the same login, I don’t mind the geofence alerts, battery notification, etc but would be great to be turned off on hers phone (not the account)

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