Lost Mode / Alert Tone



It took about three days for one of our kids to lose theirs outside. :wink: We found it in the treehouse after about 20 minutes of tracing our son’s steps in the dark.

It would be wonderful if there were a way to put a Relay into a “lost” mode via the app. Then maybe it could go into a low power consumption mode and have it send out a loud, high-pitched alert every five seconds. I realize this sound could be made by using another relay to whistle into it or something, but this feature would be nice nonetheless.


Great to hear that you were able to find your Relay @joelandtessi . Love the idea too.

Would probably be helpful in this “lost mode” if the light ring lit up as well. That may have helped when you were retracing steps in the dark to the tree house.


Couldn’t you just talk to it and listen for sound that way?


Depends on the volume setting of the lost device. A lost mode could override the volume setting.


Good point. Low power mode would also be handy if you can’t find it right away.


@joelandtessi This is a great idea and something we will investigate. Some of our discussions among the team centered around what to do as the Relay approaches the low battery level <10%. In this case we have some options such as provide the parent notification with location and put the device into low power mode that will wakeup at certain intervals. Your idea around the parent initiating a Lost Mode from the App regardless of battery state is a good one and could offer additional controls such as the audio alerts and use of the haptic motor.


Funny, just 5 or 6 hours after my post here our youngest lost his Relay. We couldn’t find it for an hour of searching because he left it on the lowest volume setting, so talking and listening was ineffective. A lost mode volume override will be much appreciated.

Pro tip: we finally found it by waiting until the kids were in bed and the house was quiet. Then I held the button of another one, and tapped the case with my fingernail, listening for the “click click” noise. Even on the lowest volume setting I finally heard the lost device once I was within 2 feet of it. It was under a piece of furniture.


That was one of the problems I was having too, is that speaking into or tapping on the Relay in hand prevents you from hearing the speaker on the lost Relay. Setting off an alert tone via the app would solve this.


Any chance the next generation could be built with a separate/additional battery that would communicate via a Bluetooth connection? FYI, I stuck a Tile onto ours to help find when lost and it’s great, especially when the relay is dead.


Hey @sandman, the tile finder is really clever.

I also think you make a great point on the separate/additional battery with bluetooth. I’d suggest making a post on that in our Ideas & Feedback category. Suspect it will get a bunch of votes.

Thanks for Relaying!


Any thoughts on tracking down a lost dead Relay? I think I’m probably just SOL until we run across it. The Tile is a great idea I didn’t think of; any way that functionality can be built-in to the Relay? Let’s face it, these devices are for kids and are going to be lost often. Relatively short battery life means you only have a pretty small window to use any kind of audible alert to locate it before it dies.


For me an alert tone both for finding the relay and alerting my kids that I want to talk to them without having to yell in my relay app would make my experience leagues better!