Low Batt Level + Cheaper Chg Cords = me Happy


Can you sell cheaper charging cords so we can buy many extra for car, desks, and work etc due to the very short battery life? Need to be able to contact my 88 year old mom sometimes when she is out about…and not near landline. Sell us cheaper cords as a charge is only lasting seven hours. Thanks. Also the lanyards and clips are 15$ bucks each which adds up with three Relays? For us that have taken a chance maybe cheaper extra cords would go a LONG way for trusting device. Just a thought! More cords stashed places insures proper use when needed.


Not sure if I see the connection you are trying to make between cheaper priced cords and relay being a trusted device. I do agree that short battery life is an issue and if you haven’t already I would suggest submitting a ticket. I have personally seen our battery life diminish from what used to be able to work well over 24 hours to under 12 hours on a charge.


The issue I have with battery life is related to the Relay being activated with Sprint by default. CDMA cellular radios increase output power with diminished signal and I’ve found that when I get in an area with a weak signal I can literally watch the battery drop in the Relay App. We put out Relays in a locker for about an hour while at the water park portion of an amusement park. They went in with 90% power and came out with 30% less than an hour later. Ugh. Lesson learned, make sure you turn your relay off before placing in a faraday cage.


Because everyone has a cord at home to charge them but not in car or bag or locker at work. When a nurse works 12 to 13 hours a day in a shift we would need cords at work to charge them as they die at 7 hours. To buy more cords at 15$ (what extra cords cost now) is counterproductive when after buying three Relay devices and at 21$ + a month to use them we have already invested ALOT (200$ for three relays) into a basic one way phone. Then 15$ bucks each for a crazy clip and lanyard so 45$ bucks now there as well. It is Simple. Sell us cheaper cords to charge them away from home so we can USE THEM. Or have one in the car so we can use them driving home at 3 am…we have alot invested in these. Give us cheaper cords so we can use them.


@louisdi with this issue in mind my wish is that when purchasing/ordering that relay would provide a list of carriers that we could choose from. Who knows what which carrier works better in our home area than the consumer.


That would require that: 1) The device be compatible with those carriers 2) Republic have a relationship with those carriers.

In addition, Republic’s research has shown that providing that choice at sale time actually diminishes the customer’s trust in the company and service. Essentially the consumer thinks, “geeze, shouldn’t they know what’s best?” Because of this they have chosen to make the selection seamless for the consumer and deal with any coverage issues later. In the core business that means that the system chooses which of the two carrier partners to activate a phone with. With the Relay, I believe that at the present time, all devices start with Republic’s CDMA partner (Sprint) and can be moved later by support should the other partner have better coverage for the customer.


I should have been more specific that the list would show the carriers that the Relay system is compatible with.

I do appreciate your charicterization of RW activation process as that does make sense. The system should know which carrier will be best/strongest in the area, though as you implied that is not always the case so they have a second option.


@anns.l3xbxp I do agree that the cost of the case is a bit steep but that has been discussed about in another thread. Now when it comes to the charger I find it hard to say that $15 is a high dollar amount when it costs me $30 plus to get a certified charger for my phone.

I understand this isn’t covering the $5 charger you can purchase from the corner gas station but let’s be honest, for the electronics its plugged into those aren’t the best to use.