Many vibration alerts without sending channel alert


Recently, I have noticed that my phone has been curiously vibrating with no visual notification at random times of day. The same has been happening with the other three Relay app users in our party and the Relay, itself.

We figured out that every time someone actually does anything with Relay, regardless if it’s the kid or the app user, it sends a short vibration to everyone in the “party.” A few minutes ago, I was playing with the Relay app—not the device— and suddenly grandad from across town asks me if everything is okay, as he got a vibration past bedtime.

Is there a solution for this situation? One could imagine how many times a day this happens if the Relay app is in use by any one of us. I want to turn off notifications to see if that helps, but I’m afraid that it would block channel alerts as well. Is this a glitch, or a feature?

PS… WONDERFUL customer service, so far!


Are you noticing the Relays flashing at all along with the vibration?


No, I can’t recall the flashing, but I also didn’t look.

We actually came to the conclusion when we were all together in one place, trying to figure it out. Pretty much anytime someone uses the app, we all get a buzz from the phone.


Hmm…that should not be typical behavior. We’d recommend opening a ticket, to see if our technicians can replicate it.