Messages not playing in any of our Relays


Greetings all!

As of some time last night, messages aren’t playing on any of our three Relays. We have power cycled all three units, switched to the echo channel and back to the Relay channel, and tried sending and receiving via both cellular and WiFi. The units show up on the Relay Android app as being online with an appropriate location. I’ve verified that their online status is updating properly when powering the units off and on.

Is anyone else experiencing a similar problem?


Have you reached out to beta support? Send an email to Our team can get a closer look.


Just to check, are the receiving devices showing messages received by illuminating their LED rings?
Does the sending device play a plop sound before and after recording?

I’m not trying to diagnose the issue here - best handled by our support team - just trying to get clarification.
As SeanR mentioned, it’s best to to email support for help.


All our devices have been working now since the newest ticket was followed up on.

In regards to our experience when the devices were not working. The rings would light up green and play the plopping noise before we would record a message, but messages sent would not play on any device. They would also not light up at all to indicate a message from the channel. Factory resets did not resolve our problem.

What ever was done on your end after opening our last ticket resolved our issue.

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