Missed Message feature - flaws

The pros are obvious - missed message is one of the reasons I’ve hung on to relay the past year or so, because it’s hard to always be listening 24/7 when it’s simply a cell-based walkie talkie. But it has been a disappointment for the following reasons that I hope can be addressed:

  1. It only works on 1:1 direct chat. Like many parents, I like using my cell phone and having my own relay. The phone obviously gives versatility to the account, wifi settings and other such things. But having my own relay is convenient when I don’t want to use the phone - which is often, since the darn app needs to be open to hear someone anyway (I know, an issue Relay is well aware of). So, it’s a problem that my child has to leave two separate messages in case I am busy at work and want to check messages later. I know there are many scenarios besides mine where leaving a message for more than one person would be helpful.

  2. The flashing light indicating a message waiting is far too infrequent - seems to be every 15 seconds or so. What are the odds you would see the flash if you just looked at the Relay to see if there is a missed message? You’d have to wait 15-20 seconds to see if you have a message? And the audio alert, while nice, is of course only done once (which it should be), but the visual flash should be more often.

Hope these can be addressed, or maybe there are settings I am unaware of.

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Welcome to the Neighborhood and thanks for sharing your experience with the new features so far!
I’d like to address what you’ve run into, and add some context as to how/why we designed these features…

We’ve specifically designed the Relay system so parents don’t need to use a device and can rely solely on the Relay app. Our goal is to make it almost the opposite of your use case: so parents’ don’t have to add another device to their communication arsenal.

Missed messages should take care of this. Now, when someone tries to send you a message and you don’t have the app open, you should get a notification for every communication that comes though. Within seconds if it being received, you can listen to it, and respond back.

We designed the notification as incremental flashes in order to conserve battery. If you think you have a missed message/you’ve missed the notification signal and want to check, you can press the power button and it will take you to the message right away.

It sounds like you definitely have a more specific user-experience, but hopefully explaining the thought-processes behind this new feature helps a bit with your concerns.


Thanks Andi_B. I respectfully disagree with the first comment. Relay’s own youtube video shows mom and dad using the relay, not their phone, because a relay is smaller, more durable, easier to operate while not looking at a screen (as you advertise). One can definitely see why having both a phone and a relay is a plus even for adults. As for missed messages taking care of the app not being launched, that is helpful, but I still maintain it would be nice to leave missed messages for more than one device at a time. I do appreciate the quick reply and will do my best to adapt if this will not be coming in the future.


@icewave to compare the introductory video and showing the parents use a Relay device (as the App did not exist at the time). I do not feel it would be a fair comparison to how many use the device/app setup today.

I would agree that it is nice to have a second Relay device (when not being used by the other kids) so we can always hear what is going on but as the direct messaging has been introduced and other features have come about I feel that that is becoming less of a complaint on our side.

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