Month-to-month service / option to put account on hold



Is there an option to discontinue service and later reactivate? or put my account on hold? I’m thinking of a scenario where we would use this for the summer or possibly longer, but really have no need during the school year. Would we have to pay $7/month all year to keep it active when we only plan to use it 3-4 months out of the year? Obviously, I could cancel after the summer, but I want to make sure I can use it again next summer, or possibly for a month here and there. Our family situation may be unique, but I can see this being a great option for many families especially with younger kids that are almost always with mom or dad except for summer programs, camps, extended stays with relatives, etc. I will definitely purchase if there is an option to pay on a month to month basis.


Hi @zfry

At launch, there is no ability to reactivate a Relay that has been cancelled. This is a known user requirement but there is no published date for availability.


Thanks for pointing me to that post. I did not see that when searching the forum. I hope they add the ability to put an account on hold. Or allow re-activations… I would prefer a simple account “hold” or “pause” feature instead of deactivating and re activating, but if the process were to be simple enough, that would be just fine. I will wait for one of these features before purchasing. Thanks.


RW has never allowed putting service on hold and I wouldn’t expect it for the Relay service.

One of RW’s greatest selling points is the flexibility they have given members with their phone plans. RW phone members have the benefit of easily deactivation and reactivation of their phones and hopefully it will transition to the Relay members.

I could see a want for this for some groups of folks needing occasional use of Relays. Grandparents who may purchase two or three Relays for when the grand kids come to visit. Upon arrival the Relays are activated and handed out. When they leave deactivate for the cost savings.


Yes to Month-to Month service. Since the price increased to 10$ a month, this should be and option. Let us connect for summer vacation, Disney, whatever for using the Relay when it makes sense.

InReach and Spot allow for this by having a basic annual fee to the account and a month by month activation online with a saved credit/debit card.

The GPS locator and benefits of Month to Month may capture many who do not wish a bloodsucker account that is used a few time each year.