More than Two Channels?


Hi there - We’ve ordered our Relays and they are on their way, and we are really excited to get them. I am just learning though that they will only have two channels? Will the ability to add more than two channels be coming soon? We are hoping to let our kids communicate with multiple groups of people (grandparents, cousins, friends, parents, etc) and only having two channels is a pretty big downer. Thanks for any help!


Hi right now there are just the two channels. One is for talking to the group and the other one the Echo channel is a cool voice changing channel, it changes your voice but does not send to the group. They are working on adding more channels.:grinning:


So only one channel really then. :slightly_frowning_face:


Hey @joelandtessi! We’re definitely working hard to get additional channels added in, for exactly the reasons you’ve noted above. We know that it’s important to give kids the awesome ability to not only communicate with their parents, but with friends and family outside of that family group channel. Although yes, there are only two channels that @C_family outlined, adding more channels is a big priority for Relay’s development!
In the meantime, if you all have other people in your family you’d like to add to your group of communication, you can have them download the Relay app to their phone and provide them your login info if you’d like.


Hey @joelandtessi. Here’s a roadmap on Relay’s additional channels that our product team is working against. It doesn’t give you dates, but does give you a guide on where we’re headed with it.

Thanks for your trust in Republic.

When you do get your Relay, here’s a quick synopsis of how you tell which Channel you’re on.


Thank you for the responses. For what it’s worth, we can get an iPod for our kids if we want them to listen to music. We can get Siri or Alexa or Google Assistant devices for them if we want that. But the reason Relay is so great is that it seems to be about communication first, and it fills a niche that is begging to be filled.

We ordered nine devices to be able to share with our kids close friends and family across the country. If we can’t get more than one channel in the 90 days it’s not worth it to keep more than two.

All of this to say, we are really hoping the ability to add more channels is able to be added soon. Thanks again for your responsiveness and willingness to hear us out!


I agree completely. Having only one broadcast channel will be fatal long-term. The ability to create channels, even if only a sub-group of the Relays on a single account is important. I don’t want all three of my units to have to hear me trying to reach my son who is carrying only one of them. I’m in the same boat, if that’s not resolved within the 90 day return period, they’ll all be going back.


Also agree. Additional communication channels should be a top development priority second only to getting communication capability added to the app.


We agree completely - those are the top two priorities! We are absolutely focused on communications first.


My sentiments exactly. There’s a 90 day clock on this functionality being rolled out. Let’s call it 80 days just to be safe. I want you guys to succeed!


Hi @jimm - I just saw the new video about How Relays Work. In there it is specifically said that Relays talk to other Relays on the same account. Has the feature to let them talk to friends on other accounts (as shown in the first Relay marketing video) been removed from the road map?


Just wanted to point out for others that your question was answered in your other post


It’s still a top priority. No change in plans!


Really looking forward to this next! :slight_smile:


We are less than a week away from our summer event that really spurred us to sign up for and be early purchasers of Relays. Unfortunately the feature that we bought the Relays for, (having more than one channel / talking to other Relays that are not on our account) still has not been released yet. :frowning: It’s looking more and more like we will be returning all of ours before the 90 day warranty is up and then check back again next summer to see if development has caught up to what was originally advertised.