Muting or Snoozing channel(s) - Mute/Snooze



I literally am just starting to play around with the devices I just received and am trying to understand them before I distribute them to my crew.

Saw a few posts regarding “annoying” channel activity, and this made me wonder if anyone has brought up a “mute channel” or “snooze notifications” channel for when parents are say, in a meeting or whatnot. The idea is to be able to select the channels that you want to not receive any alerts from for X period of time.

I too felt that the “Channel Alert” feature was a little confusing because my phone app ended up being the only one that didn’t get an alert, while all the other device in the active channel did. I thought that it was supposed to be specifically for if the device user wanted to get a hold of the app user?


Thanks for all of the feedback @avh.CT! We are working on a different solution for notifications- in the meantime, do you have the notifications enabled for The Relay in your phone’s settings?

Do you know which channel they were sending the alert to?