New To Relay - Improvements

Just received our Relay and I’m loving it so far. I do wish it had features to help children be more productive. Here are a few that come to mind;

Timer: A command for “Timer”. My daughter’s daily homework requires her to read for 30 minutes. A Timer option would be great! We are currently using the timer on her iPad for this.

Alarm: A command for “Alarm”. Our home has a split floor plan and our daughter’s room is all the way on the other side of the house. An alarm for waking her up for school would be so helpful.

Reminder/Calendar: A command for “Reminder” and/or “Calendar” to stay on top of tasks and events.

A shared (channel specific) calendar on the app. would be amazing! Our family (parents) could use this to keep track of our daughter’s extra curricular activities, etc.

I’d love for the Relay to allow kids to use it more like how adults use mobile phones. I think you guys have the entertainment part down, however, empowering kids with the tools they need to accomplish tasks/organize would be a game changer.