No one in your group is on-line


Just got our relay today and after activation, pushed the button to talk to my phone and it doesn’t go through…says " no one in your group is on-line. Upon searching I found a button needs to be pressed if the phone happens to be sleeping (which it was). Then a notification is sent to my phone. But it’s silent (because I don’t need every email and phone notification to make noise) and there is no way to cause it to alert me my child wants to talk.

The Relay should be able to alert my phone, even if it’s sleeping. Ring, make a noise, something… Otherwise, what is the point if my child can’t connect to me when they need me? Messages make noise, FB messenger can be set to make noise…but the Relay can’t?

I really wanted to like the Relay but this is very disappointing and likely renders the Relay unusable for us. I’m a RW customer and was hoping this would be a good stop-gap for a cell phone for our kids. :frowning:


Try having your kid hold down the volume button for a couple of seconds. That will send you an alert on your phone. It is called a changed alert.

I hope this helps your experience. We are working on more ways to alert so stay tuned.


I am having the same issue. No notification when my kid presses the button or holds the button down for several seconds. This is a deal breaker if it cannot notify me. What else can I try to make it notify me?



So if they hold down the volume button for a couple of seconds, you get no notification on the phone app?


Correct. They hold the button down for several seconds and we get no notifications.


Yes. Holding down the volume button send my phone a notification. But it’s a silent notification and there is no way to change that on the app. I am a RW customer with a MotoX Pure so I assume it’s not a compatibility issue. I would have to keep an eye on my phone the entire time to see if my kid needs to reach me. My kid isn’t staring at a screen but I certainly am.
I was expecting the Relay to send a beep or sound to my phone letting me know to pick it up. Like the old PTT Nextel phones. Or walkie talkies.


@eeyore64 - Are you getting a visual notification and no audio or nothing at all? Are you using the Android app or iOS app?

@megahya - Are you on the latest version of the Relay app, with the new design? If you are on the latest version, is your volume turned up.

My goal is to figure out if you two are having the same issue. Right now that is unclear.


That exactly what a channel alert does. It makes a notification tone and puts a notification of the screen that you can tap to open the app and then talk to your child.


The app is up to date. I have notifications set to no sound on my phone so I don’t hear a ding all the time from various apps. I turned the sound on and get a ding but there is no way to change just the Relay’s notification sound to make it distinct. Many apps have this functionality. I would like to assign a particular sound to be used only with Relay so I know immediately if it’s my kid versus say…email or messages.


I get no notifications at all.

My phone Relay app v1.7.62 and the Relay is on v1.4.0.27(122).

I also have the Relay app on my wife’s phone and she does not receive any notifications.

We are all in the same relay group.

What next?


So both issues in this thread are very different.

@eeyore64 - I think that it is best for you to open a dialog with the support team you can email or log in at and open a ticket. They both go to the same place. You may want to do some testing to make sure this is not a bigger issue. See if you can communicate on the app when it is even open. What you are experiencing is not by design, it should work.

@megahya - Your issue is that the notification volume is a global setting and not a specific feature of the app. So if you shut off all notification volume, then we are affected as well. If you want to have us look at a feature that controls the notification volume and overrides the global setting, you may want to put that request here #share:ideas


I was able to get a unique sound for the Relay app by going into the Notifications in my settings (Android 8.1). I do know you can’t do it in older versions of Android (like 5.0). Hopefully this will be added to the app in the (near) future.


The latest version of the Relay phone app (v1.8.52) has resolved my notification issue. I now get notifications when the Relay device attempts to communicate.