Non Republic Wireless Customer looking to setup RELAY for child


I am not a current account holder with RW. I have another service, but I am trying to activate the RELAY i just got in the mail and I’m going around in circles. I do already have an account with RW for the forums and that seems to be causing an issue with the Phone App allowing me to create, or sign into existing account. I don’t have billing info on my RW account and I am trying to add that and activate the RELAY.
As there is no live chat or # to call…I’m dead in the water and about to return this thing to target.


Hey @lokewolf, it looks like you’ve been able to get in touch with our support team, but for others who may read…You don’t need a Republic Wireless account in order to set up your Relay. Therefore, when you’re going through the activation steps, you just need to set up a Relay account with whatever email address & password you’d like.