Noticed new features, lock & repeated message


Hi, first time posting!

We’ve had Relay for a few months, love it, bought a second one. My daughter was playing around with hers yesterday and managed to lock it (I think by holding both small buttons at the same time), which had the effect of disabling her ability to send messages but she was still able to receive messages from me. I think this is good to avoid the accidental pocket dials we get from time to time. She was able to unlock it easily. But I noticed while we were testing the lock feature that when I sent her a message it actually repeated again a couple of seconds later. I was not sure how to make that happen again but it was cool. Is there a new delayed messaging feature on the horizon?

Also - LOVING the music feature for my son who struggles with all the nonsense on the school bus. He pops on his headphone and tunes out.

And the translate feature is incredible!