One-to-one communication without separate channels



This ability to speak to only one Relay at a time would be wonderful. It could work like:

  1. Kid alerts parent that they would like to talk
  2. Parent responds
  3. Kid says, “Can we talk privately?”
  4. Parent initiates private channel

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This would be a good #share:ideas

While we are looking at alternate channels this is an option to do it with no dedicated channel. Do you want me to move this to the Feedback area?

Basically, your idea is to allow the app user, presumably the parent, to start a private session? Would this lock them out of responding to all other channels until the parent ends the session?


Feel free to move it, thanks. And yes, I can’t think of another way other than to lock them to that channel until the session is ended.



So the parent would be able to do this at any time in the app not just after a discussion starts. Also how would you handle parents forgetting to end the session? The Relay device user would not be able to do it and could get stuck.


Also, what about an alert to other relays on the channel when a private session is initiated, ie. “Mom and Fearless Octopus are now speaking privately”. Then another similar one once the session ends.


Regarding forgetting to end the session, maybe after one minute of inactivity, and no “end” button pushed it is automatically ended? Or a reminder notification on their phone?


might be a good idea to keep people in the family group from trying to message the channel during those times. Could be an issue once again if the parent forgets to end the session.

Auto ending sessions can be tricky also notifications can be ignored.


Wouldn’t this be avoided if it’s a private and separate channel? They are just unavailable to speak to until the session is ended.


Well, I assume you have a whole team of engineers available to figure it out. :slight_smile:


It would obviously have to, and alerts from other channel should still be available.


It is more of a UX problem and how to keep it simple. We will be looking at how we can satisfy these use cases but simple will be first.


That is the idea of channels. They are really about who the Relay device user is sending out too. Like the echo channel, all other messages should still come in. If this is not a channel, as described, then it could work in other ways.

I am sure you can see all of the ways this can be complicated, but it is worth exploring.


First the channels need to come. Once that happen protocols such as suggested need to be considered. Children have privacy issues too. If parent says go to channel 3 all can hear and got that channel.

How many talk channels is RW envisioning? With up to 10 relays per account there will need to be a large number to ensure private conversations.


How many do you think is too much if you have to single button cycle through them? Remember, no screen and 3 buttons.


As long as there is a way for the parent user to set (add/delete/organize) the channels I think that the system allowing many channels would be great so each user can determine what number and setup works best for their family


However many, I think there needs to be a couple of things when channels comes along:

  1. The ability to name the relay. Do I really need to try and remember that 10 cutesy animal names and who might be carrying one at any given time?
  2. The ability to name a channel (or have names be really obvious based on Relay name, such as “Private to John”)


Neither of these have anything to do with this non-channel idea and should probably be their own ideas. I worry the original intent of this idea have veered of topic.

Should I organization all channel discussion elsewhere? I think it is great but probably not in this topic.


You are correct. These are indeed channel, rather than non-channel ideas. Should probably be split off.


I’ve run into a couple of instances where I want to message one relay and not the other, and where it would be inconvenient for one relay to go off. For example, I wanted to to message my daughter, but my son was at a friend’s house watching a movie.

Would it be possible to tap on the device you want on the app and message that one directly and have that device message back to the app and not all the other devices in your group?

Could we have icons for the individual relays in our group along with the main microphone icon in the chat screen on the app so we have the choice to message one relay or all? And could the relay be programmed to respond to the app and not all the devices in the group?


I can understand the need for this functionality and agree it would be nice. They have been talking about some similar ideas over at the conversation for One-to-one communication without separate channels