One-to-one communication without separate channels



Great idea! @SeanR. Is it possible to merge ideas & their votes? Assuming both original posters agree the idea is the same.


I can merge them but not sure on the votes. Votes users likes. You may notice likes is missing in votable items. We’ll find out.

I do not need people to agree that their ideas should be merged.


I was thinking this exact same thing. Make it only an app feature through clicking on an individual relay. It could even be in the menu that comes up where the location and Wi-Fi options are and would automatically initiate a private channel when clicked on and once the parent returns to the main screen it resumes the previous channel.


I like the idea of being able to click on a icon in the app to choose to talk to a single Relay. Maybe they could use a double click of the talk button to indicate that they would like to respond to that private call. I think that my kids could get used to the idea that whenever that want to talk to just the parent(s) that they use a double tap (tap and press). That would avoid the need to turn on or off a personal channel.


After working with the parent app for awhile now I have thought about this topic for awhile. Some of the early concern what would happen if a parent did not end the private session then the user would not be able to talk to anyone on the relay channel. Again since using the relay app we know that when the app is not in the foreground the relay device cannot contact the relay app. So my thinking is that a “secure channel” would work in the same manner. When the parent would close the app or the app is not in the foreground (phone goes to sleep or what not) that the “secure channel” would automatically disconnect. This would easily remove any of the before mentioned worry of a secure session that never ends.


I think there should be at least one private channel available per relay on the account. That being said, I currently have 4 active relays and thought about adding perhaps 2 more. I think with the idea that parents and kids sometimes need to talk without their siblings in the mix, that it would help, so when they all want to talk at once, you get to hear only one voice at a time, LOL! Also because if there is the idea of adding outside connections with various friends, then it helps for the child to know they can go to their own channel for those chats.
Just a thought


I really like this idea, hoping they will use it!


The idea behind this thread is not a separate channel but something more like a temporary secure line. Issue with multiple channels is the relay user would have to switch channels to take part in the one on one conversation.


I worked around this by adding separate channels for each child. One for mom and child and one for dad and child. All they have to do is click to that channel to talk to one of us privately.

Also, I notice this is marked as “completed”. Is it complete because something was implemented or because it was dropped? If something was added, what was it?


I did that as well, but an issue with the separate channels is that if you are talking one one of those channels and another user talks on the main Relay channel it will pull all users back to the main Relay channel regardless of what sub channel you were on.

The idea of this thread was to not have separate channels but to be able to have a secure line. As you said it shows as complete but I am unaware of the concepts status.