Parent access from phone instead of carrying separate Relay device?

My apologies if this was already answered. I searched, but none of the threads I found quite matched my question.

I’d love this device for my three youngest kiddos! The problem is that I don’t want to carry an extra device to communicate with them. All the ads show the parent holding a Relay device too. My older teen children, my husband and I already have Republic Wireless android phones, and would want to communicate with the youngers’ Relay devices without hauling (and paying for ) duplicate gizmos in addition to our phones. WIll the app allow this?

In other words, we are a famiy of 8. We would love to have 3 Relay devices for they youngest 3 children in communication with the oldest 5 of us via our Republic Wireless android phones. So, 3 Relay devices instead of 8.

Will it work this way? It’d be the deal breaker for us. If the parents and older siblings need to have Relay devices too, it isn’t a good fit for our family due to redundancy for the adults and older children.



Great question! You are not required to have your own Relay in order to communicate with your kid’s Relays. The companion app will allow you to communicate with them right from your phone. That way you will not have to worry about carrying around both your smartphone and a Relay :relaxed:
Keep the great questions coming! It sounds like your family is a great fit for a few Relays to keep in touch with one another.



You might make consider having future ads show a parent communicating with the kids Relay via their own smartphone. :slight_smile: It kinda gave the impression that they only work between Relay devices and that ever family member must have their own Relay device, which might alienate some people.

It looks like it is indeed a great fit for us! So excited!


Thank you for that feedback! It’s very helpful to hear that. We’ve got some really exciting things coming down the pipeline for Relay, and this is just the beginning of it all! We encourage any feedback you have for us as this journey unfolds :relaxed:


A related follow up question. Can multiple companion apps be used on separate phones?


Great question! Yes, you will be able to download the companion app on multiple phones. We picture this being something that both parents can download on each of their phones, so they are always in communication with the Relays on their account.


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One more related question: How many parents/older siblings can connect to a Relay device with smartphones? Ideally, I’d love for my Relay carrying 10 year old twins to be able to reach my husband’s phone, three teen sisters, who have smartphones, and me on my phone. (So I’d like the Relay to be able to connect to RW Android Smartphones of 5 family members.)

Yes, you can download the Relay app to multiple smartphones and login with your Relay account credentials on each phone to stay in contact with your Relays! :slight_smile:

That raises a new question… in the situation described - a mix of several Relays and several App users, do all app users have administrative (“parental”) control privileges? or can some app users be designated as client-only (or whatever nomenclature is appropriate) – being allowed to communicate among their designated group as if it were a Relay, but not make any configuration changes?

Perhaps there should be two versions of the app - call them “Parent” and “Child” versions (to keep things consistent with your limited marketing scope). This way only a parent has full control, but an older child with a phone can still communicate on the family’s Relay channel without needing another device, but not be able to disrupt things or tamper with parental controls of the other children’s Relay devices.


So I am considering on purchasing a Relay for my daughter, but I’m a bit confused with the conclusion to this post. Sorry for bumping such an old thread.

Does the relay companion app have to be the administrative account, and can there only be one? Would this account be my republic wireless account?

I ask because my daughter’s mom and I are not together. I’d love it if we could both use the companion app, but I’d also love to not give her credentials to my account unless it was isolated to the companion app itself. The last reply to this thread makes me think there’s only one account that can be used for the relay companion app.

Welcome to the community @ScottEllis. Currently the companion app is logged into using the Relay account holders credentials for each app that is signed into. With that said there is no account information or credit information in the app itself that is managed elsewhere. We have requested and the Relay team has commented that they are working on non-device accounts for instances just like this, so hopefully this will be done soon.

Yes, we have a couple big app updates that are coming very soon and app-only accounts will be included in one of those releases! We will make sure to communicate what is being released in each of those updates, so you are aware of the changes that take place.


So is the relay account the same thing as my republic wireless account, or is it separate? On the republic wireless site, I see a section for billing information regarding the relay. I understand that the app will not have my information in it, but will someone be able to take that information and log in online to access my republic wireless account?

I see “relay account” thrown around a bunch. It gives me the impression that it might be separate from the republic wireless account, but I can’t really tell.

While we are the same company and share the same portal and billing, we are separate products and have separate fees and even support teams and tools.They will be conveniently billed and managed together online, but they are separate.

If you provide the account credentials needed for someone to sign into Relay’s app, they will indeed have the information necessary to sign into your Republic/Relay account via the portal referenced by @SeanR.

If feasible, you might consider signing into the app on their phone for them without supplying account crederntials.

Thanks rolandh. You are correct. I was struggling with figuring out how to change the password for the relay account. For anyone else that stumbles across this post, the accounts are in fact linked.


Once they launch the app-only account functionality this will resolve this issue and everyone will be able to have their own logins. I know we all look forward to that day.