Parental controls


Last question, I promise. What parental control options are there?


Good question! Basically they can only communicate, at the moment, with the family group and you can see their location. As we add other channels and features we will evaluate what parental controls are needed to go along with them.

What additional parental controls would you like added to the basic feature-set of a family walkie-talkie?


Hey @Bob! This is a great question and I’m sure one that plenty of others may have as well. I’ve added it, alongs with @SeanR’s answer to a new article in our Help Center.

P.S. I certainly hope that’s not your last question. I’m sure we haven’t answered them all yet :wink:


Will parents be able to turn on/off the music, Google Assistant, and games features of Relay if they want? Some parents might want their children to use this device strictly as a communication device while others won’t.

I’m just wondering more of what the parental controls are on this product as I prepare to give more information about Relay to people I know.



None of those features are currently available but staff has made clear that features will only be released when they are fully kidsafe and parental controllable and that’s in fact the reason that some of the features haven’t been released.


Awesome! In that case, I’m looking forward to letting people know about Relay today! :slight_smile:


I’d like a Save Message feature, so if my phone is out of battery and my kid needs to send me a notice, it’d come up as soon as I reopen the app. Same for my kid’s relay: If they have to turn it off at school or an activity, a priority message would come up as soon as they turned it back on.