Parents divorced, how do we both talk to our child?


I just got a relay for my son. My ex husband helped him set it up and put in his credit card info. I went to start an account and it’s asking for my credit card. Since it is already paid for, is there a way to just add me as a contact?


At the present time there isn’t a good way to do this. Each Relay is connected to only one account and your ex would have to allow you to sign-in using his credentials for your to be able to talk to your son’s Relay.


If you’re willing to have your own Relay device, you could set up a channel for just you and him? I realize this is an expensive idea, though!


So you are aware they are working in app only accounts for instances like yours or grandparents where they do not have Relay devices but still would like to have the ability to talk to the kids. This has been a heavily requested feature. So hopefully it is implemented soon.


So can we have multiple users signed on to the same account at the same time?


Multiple phones can be signed in at the same time as long as the account holder is comfortable with everyone having full access to account information. That is what will be nice about individual accounts, we will no longer have to worry about those issues. Until then logging in with one user name and password will have to do to each phones app will have to do.


Thank you.
Yes, I thought others in the family would be able to download the app and I could his add them without them playing a fee.


They can, and there is no fee for the additional apps, but at this time you have to share your account credentials for them to use to log-in.


We hear this a lot as a requested feature! At this time, we do not have a way for you to set up a separate account. This happens to be something we are currently developing! Stay tuned for additional updates and we will keep you informed. :blush:


I was able to assign a profile to my wife by sending her an invite from within the app somehow and then giving her my login name and password (I don’t see where we have access to credit card info within the app) and we both have admin powers within the app. Now she appears in my list of members and I created a channel for my son to speak to her only and another channel to speak to me. So when he wants to reach any of us my son goes to the main Relay channel, when he wants to talk to mom he switches to mom channel and she gets a notification to go to the mom chanel to talk to him.

Hope this helps.


This helped!