Persistent "There was an error activating this device..."


I received three Relays today. Can not activate any of them. Voice says “There was an error activating this device. Please try again…”

Suspecting a “hole” in cellular coverage, I tried a different location, and got “Your Relay is not connected to a network.”

Back to the original location, and they are back to “…error activating…”

This is the same on all three devices. I’ve checked that SIM cards are properly installed.

At this point I suspect my devices are not the problem - is there anything else I can try? or do I open a support ticket? Where?


This link should help you.


No, it offers nothing on “error activating this device”, but thanks for trying. I’ve opened a support ticket.


Try powering down the device and going to known good cellular area and turning them on.

1 of 3 devices needed a 5 peat activation process.


Ok. Thought you were asking about opening a help ticket and where.
Glad you were able to open the ticket.


Just to give closure here…

It turns out it was some sort of cellular network problem - I was able to activate one by going to a different location, but it still wouldn’t work at my home location (in spite of a Republic CDMA phone working here). They decided to send me GSM SIMs, which I just received today, and now my Relays are working.


Hind sight now but by all accounts @homelessonwheels was in a known good area for his CDMA SIMs since his phone works.

Glad to hear they are now working. Interesting the GSM SIMs brought them up to speed. Good to know there is the capability for the swap to a GSM SIM if the Relay refuses to activate. There could be a CDMA RT or antenna issue. Also seems Relays can be reactivated by members when Support decides to.


I don’t think I would read that in to what happened. Switching a carrier SIM doesn’t mean reactivation. Cellular activation and activation in the Republic Relay systems are two different things. These units were never deactivated, so they didn’t need to be reactivated.