Play some Relay Games


I wanted to share what resulted from the first two days of Relay ownership. I’ve been largely unable to keep even one in my hand for more than a few minutes at a time because my kids keep taking all of them to play with their friends. Since getting the Relay on Friday, my kids have invented some interesting games:

  1. Relay Marco Polo. Requires two units minimum, played with three in this case. Each player has a relay. One player is a “seeker”. The others have Relays that must be on maximum volume. Instead of the seeker saying “Marco” and the others responding “Polo” the seeker says “Marco Polo” into their Relay and tries to find the others by listening for it from the other Relays.

  2. Relay Hide and Seek. Requires two players minimum, each with a Relay. As normal, one hides. In this version, after a pre-agreed amount of time the hider gives clues as to their location. Things like “from my spot I can see a red truck”.

Still working on more games.

A Recent PCMag Video Demonstrating How Relay Works & Etc

That’s awesome @louisdi! Thanks for sharing!


My son is an only child so we mostly use our Relays for him to check in while playing in the neighborhood. At home, he tends to play with his Relay (and mine) for imaginative play.

For instance:

  • Light saber battles are much more intense now with Darth Vader voice-overs using the Relay echo channel

  • He’s always been super into cardboard forts but now they’re more fun with Relay added:

  • He built a space ship and uses the Relays to pretend he’s talking to other ships in the galaxy announcing his entry or planning escapes

  • He’ll pretend he’s a police man in a patrol car or a fireman in a big fire truck talking to the dispatcher on the radio

  • He’ll set the two Relays up and pretend he’s in a fast food drive through ordering food. He’ll yell out super silly orders like “Gimme one of them slime burgers!”