Poll: How would you wear your Relays?


Accessories have been a popular topic among the Relay Neighborhood since practically day 1. You’ll be happy to know we have a team of people working hard to get accessories available for Relays shortly, however, we are always looking to hear what you think. After watching your children use their Relays, you know better than anyone what would be most helpful to avoid your child setting down and forgetting their Relay.

I’ve seen many suggestions both throughout the Neighborhood and in the last survey you took. Many of the most popular include:

  • Carabiners
  • Bike Strap
  • Clip
  • Lanyard
  • Other (please specify in the comments below)

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Which of these, if you had to choose only one, would you find most helpful the majority of the time for what your child uses his or her Relay for?

These are all awesome ideas, and accessories that my team has and will continue to give thought to. Other than those listed above, do you have any other suggestions for accessories that would help your child(ren) keep track of their device?

Looking forward to hearing your responses!

Getting Relay ready for play: From the lab to the playground

I think a carabiner would give the most options. It can go on a backpack, a bike, maybe even the straps on roller blades. But it would be nice to have a clip, so it can be clipped to clothes. Right now, it’s my son who’s going out and roaming and he hasn’t had a big issue with the relay falling out of his pocket, but as my daughter gets older and starts roaming, I can see a clip being useful. Girls’ clothes don’t always have pockets, and when they do they’re usually tiny and wouldn’t hold a relay.


@aliciamariel Great feedback. I’d like to share my 11 year old daughter’s findings. She said, just as you say, that most of her pockets were too small but was delighted to find that Relay fit her small pocket perfectly!