Pop up for notifications I just can't say yes to



I keep getting a pop up when I open the relay app on my phone that is inviting me to turn on notifications or I have the option to click a “not now” link. The "allow notifications button won’t work on my device so I always have to click the “not now” link. But I would love notifications. Anybody else experiencing this? Screenshot attached.



Hi there! It looks like your screenshot didn’t go through, but I’ll see what I can do. I was able to replicate the issue on my phone as well and will let the appropriate team know that the “Allow Notifications” button is unresponsive.

I see you have an Android, are you able to access app notifications/preferences in your phone’s settings? I was able to resolve it by going to the settings and then tapping “Show Notifications” to turn them on:


I checked notifications settings and I have it set to receive notifications but the pop up continues to display. Here’s the screenshot.


Hmm. Would you mind sharing what phone and OS version you’re using?