Privacy in the digital age: How Relay respects your data


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We built Relay for families. As parents ourselves, we understand wanting to keep your family’s information secure and private, especially in the internet age of targeted ads, location tracking, and social media. I know reading over long, complicated privacy policies can be a daunting prospect. However, our policies are full of valuable information that’s entirely worth knowing. On top of that, they’re a pretty easy read and aren’t trying to trick you with legal-ese. We promise. As a preview of what you’ll find there, this is the run-down on our privacy policy, the things we do, and the things we…


Is Relay planning on being GDPR compliant?


This is a good question, there is a lot on the news lately about Europe’s new data and privacy regulations. We will follow all regulatory requirements that apply to us. We do not have plans to take on additional out of jurisdiction regulations unless they apply to us.


Given that Republic doesn’t operate in Europe I don’t see why they would take on the cost and effort to be GDPR compliant.


What happens if you take your relay to Europe and use WiFi?

It was a reasonable question directed to Republic/Relay.

SeanR nailed the answer


That’s not the way GDPR works. It applies to organizations doing business in the covered region. A consumer can carry any item in to any region and if that was the standard every product would literally have to comply with every standard in every place, worldwide.