Programmable buttons on Relay



Just starting a thread on how we can improve this for adults, specifically the use of 1 Relay with other family members who are using their phones.

What can be improved? I for one like to see the buttons on the Relay be programmable, so I could shift a notification/alert from the side button to the main large button, if the App on the phone is not open.


I need this because my husband and I are struggling with this.


What are you struggling with?


I don’t think you should have to hit a button to send a notification. The app should pop up a notification if you receive a message from the relay. To our family the app is pretty much useless if I have to have it open and my phone awake in order for my kids to communicate with me. I will probably return the relay if they don’t fix this soon.


Exactly. They should allow you to program the buttons perhaps though the app.


This has been discussed in detail here: First use feedback: pretty useless in the 1 Relay + Parent App scenario


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