Quarter of LED Ring blinks - What is the meaning?


As the title says, I’m curious why one of our Relays is blinking. Only 1/4 of the ring blinks dimly intermittently. The device is not plugged in and has good charge. Does anyone know why?

I see a lot of potential for that LED ring. Different colors and different portions of the Ring could signify many different things.


Hey there! It sounds like this could either be related to your volume level or your battery level on that Relay. We’ve created a help article that lays out the current meanings for what the LED light is indicating to you: What Do All of the Relay Status Lights Mean? – Relay Help Center Home


Thanks for that reply. In this case it isn’t the volume or the battery level. Those indicators come on at full brightness after pressing the center button (battery) or after pressing the left button (volume).

This is slowly pulsing at low brightness, white, when it is sitting idle off the charger. It does not do it after a button press.

I read that LED document, and none of those describe the behavior here. It is 1/4 dim white, very slow pulse, while sitting idle.


Hmm, that’s interesting. Thank you for providing that additional context! Since this doesn’t fit anything described in our already documented information, please feel free to open a help ticket with us if you want our agents to take a look at that for you.