Random Notification Sound


Has anyone else been getting random notification sounds on their iOS device because of the Relay app? It’s the same notification sound when a Relay is requesting to talk (volume button press for more than 2 seconds). But it’s doing it multiple times an hour without an onscreen notification. I’m on the latest Relay iOS app and our Relays are on ROM 112.


Yes and I’ve been meaning to post about it. It’s also not entirely random for me. I can produce it on demand by signing into my Republic account from a computer or the Relay Android app. I haven’t tested it yet but it won’t surprise me if it occurs anytime something signs into one’s Republic account (other possible examples being the Republic Wireless app and Republic Anywhere).


@joelandtessi I see you have some ongoing tickets with support already- please make sure you include this in your ticket. @rolandh, if you could open a ticket or update one that you already have open, we’ll get our help team on it.


I’ve noticed it anytime there is activity on the channel. Which is halfway nice, since it seems halfway to monitoring channel activity without a Relay having to hold down the volume button for 2 or more seconds.