Rapid battery drain - in last 2 weeks


Hi there:
Anyone experiencing rapid battery drain? My son’s device will not hold a charge longer than 12 hours now, where in the past it could go beyond a day. We went on a ski trip 2 weeks ago and it didn’t exhibit the issue.

Now it is dying very quickly, whether the device is stationary in good coverage on both LTE and Wi-Fi, or solely camped on LTE, the behavior is the same. We started noticing this last week.

Not sure if it is since the latest update. His device is on I tried power cycling the device with no better results. Not sure if there is another way to “hard boot” the device without wiping its config.



Hi Alan,

The most common thing to hamper battery life is the cellular signal. Even if you are on WiFi, the Relay still connects to the cell network, just like a phone. So if cellular coverage indoors is bad it can eat the battery life.

My suggestion is to try a few things.

  • try factory resetting the Relay This can help if the last update caused an issue.
  • If the reset does not work, try removing and reinserting the SIM card.

If it still does not last a full day, contact support it could be a faulty Relay. It does have a warranty.

Try my suggestions and let me know if they work.