Reason for Relay


We have two daughters, 6 & 8. We have a large neighborhood and my youngest has just braved me taking off the training wheels. All they want to do is ride bikes now. Having a Relay will create more opportunity for them to explore and peace of mind for us. Cell phones are not even an option for them right now, but with the screenless Relay they can do what kids do…have their adventure. My kids are rough on their things and this device should be able to take a beating.


Ah yes! The speed. The wind in your hair. Finally, being able to keep up with your big sister. This definitely brings back some memories! Riding bikes was a pivotal part of my and my sister’s childhood as well :slight_smile:; glad to hear your girls are getting to experience this formative activity. Hopefully Relay will help them explore more and more :world_map:. Thanks for sharing @jmark!


@jmark My kids are almost the same age and ALL they want to do is ride through the neighborhood on the new-found freedom of the bikes. I can’t wait to see what they do with Relay and how it adds to their adventures.


This is exactly why we wanted relays, and I can’t tell you how great it’s been for our kids. Our kids are 5 & 8, and while my younger one doesn’t roam as much, my oldest has loved the freedom it’s given him. It’s simple and uncomplicated, and gives us just the right amount of overseeing that we want. And they do take a beating. I’ve been sending my son out with the device in his pocket and he’s done just about everything an 8-year-old boy can do and the relays are fine. He comes home, grabs a snack, grabs a relay and goes! It’s really great.


That is one fantastic endorsement of the Relay @aliciamariel. We really appreciate you sharing your experiences with the Neighborhood.

Sounds like your kids are having a blast being 5 & 8. Really glad to hear the Relay can enhance those experiences. That’s what its all about!