Relay Android and iOS App Update - v1.11 | 1/10/19


Learn about our latest relay app update for iOS and Android:


I’m getting a strange chime repeatedly on my phone within the past hour that I’ve never heard before. Sort of sounds like a doorbell. Could this be related to this update? I notice it’s now on my phone.


Since we leave the app open in the background for 60 seconds, that beep denotes that the background monitor stopped.

On newer versions of Android you can toggle that sound. iOS and older versions of Android do not give us a lot of flexibility.


Oh. I’m not really a fan. It seems to do this chime even when you’re just, say, checking location or battery life from the app. I wish i could turn it off.


I’ve noted since updating that sometimes when I launch the relay app on iOS 12 it goes to the activation screen as if I need to activate a new relay. I fix this by logging out, closing the app, then relaunching it and then it launches normally (without needing to log in oddly enough, even though I “logged out”) seems like a bug to me.


just closing the app and reopening it should do it. you shouldn’t have to log out and log back in just close it and reopen the app.


I’ll need to pay closer attention the next time I notice the phenomenon. I think merely closing the app and reopening has been insufficient. On iOS, I’ve needed to remove the Relay app from the list of apps running in the background but not logout and log back in.


I can now confirm when this happens, I need to swipe Relay out of iOS’ background apps, then reopen. I do not need to sign out then sign back in to my account.


Thanks @rolandh. Our developer have found the issue and are working on a fix. I appreciate you confirming the workaround.