Relay Android and iOS App Update - v1.4.46 - 06/14/18


A new version of the Android and iOS Relay app is now available. Check out our Release Notes for more info.


I updated the app, but I left the Relay at home today. Can’t wait to test it tonight!


Thank you. I have to say, I’m not a fan of the way this works. Having the user send an alert is a bit of a pain. Is there an operational reason that alerts can’t just be turned on/off in the app allowing the phone user just to be notified of any traffic?


Great question. It really boiled down to not wanting the smartphone being blown up with notifications from all messages being delivered to the app, which we found could pile up pretty quickly. With the channel alert, you will know that your child really does need to speak with you, rather than the variety of different messages that could be sent in the channel at any given time.
We definitely welcome your feedback on this as you begin using the channel alert functionality more and more!


I’d like to put a vote in for either/or functionality. It’d be great if the app could monitor the channel completely (and that it could be turned off).


Id like to see the app be able to run in the background so that the app can be used just as the relay device are used, where you can hear channel traffic without it being in the foreground. This way if the user does not want to be directly contacted they can have the app closed and still be contacted via notification push as it is today.


We see the benefit too, unfortunately Android and IOS would need to facilitate this, but the unintented consequences could be very bad.

Think about some app on your phone being able to just start talking to you. Think of the marketing opportunities to play commercials anywhere at anytime.

The smartphone software allows this for local and national emergency notifications from verified sources, but if the app is in the background then it can basically play a notification tone. It is not as flexible as what we can do with a purpose built device like Relay.


I’m having trouble with notifications on the phone. I have a Nexus 5x. The relay sends an alert:

If the phone screen is off, a notification is generated without sound. The only way to see that a notification was received is the pick up the phone and look at it.

If the phone is in use but not in the relay app, a notification is generated, but no sound is heard.

If the phone is in the relay app, a notification is generated with sound.

Is it just me? My default notification sound was set to None, so I changed it, but it doesn’t make a difference. I tried reinstalling the app, but it didn’t make a difference.


I have two kids and therefore two relays. Can I or will I eventually be able to talk to them separately? We’re all on the same channel, I can’t talk via the app to one at a time. And one child (relay) can’t talk to me without the sibling hearing.


I’m on a Galaxy S8 and also not receiving sound notifications even though I set it to. Hope this gets fixed in a later update.


Hi @christygutt,

The current channel is meant to be an open family room. Like if all the kids were next to you. It would be hard to talk privately in that situation. We are looking to handle this with multiple channels, but right now it is more of a walkie talkie than a personal communicator.

How would you want this to work?


I’m thinking, if I could tap on one of the Relay icons and speak one on one to that Relay, and vice versa, they could scroll to my or dad’s channel and talk, but also keep the speak to everyone channel. If one is scared at a sleepover, they don’t necessarily want everyone to hear. Or the one kid at a friend’s house doesn’t need to hear the back and forth from the sibling negotiating pick up from soccer practice. How will it work with their friends who have Relays? Their friends don’t need to hear that I’m going to the grocery store… :wink:


Nope, all handled with channels and the feature goal is similar to what you stated.


On both my iPhones, we are not getting any channel alerts. I’ve sent several alerts from relays but no notice at all in the phones. Talking seems to work fine… just like a relay, but no channel alerts work at all.


I figured that was the end goal. I’m excited to see how the Relay and features evolve. Very fun to be part of the process!


I actually opened a ticket because I thought my app was broken. No notifications. After going back and forth it turns out that if you listen really really close, like have your phone up to your ear when the notification comes in, there’s some sort of really light click. Working as designed. I’ve expressed that working as designed where the notification requires you to have your phone to your head, isn’t very useful.


I’m having the same notification problem. I have a Google Pixel XL and I get the notification, but there is no sound or light indication. The way this currently works is not very useful if I have to pick up my phone every couple minutes to see if my child is trying to contact me. I don’t hear the light click lousdi is referencing either. I have all my volumes maxed and ensured that the phone notification settings are setup to to allow everything. I hope a fix comes for this soon…


There is no notification sound at all based on the notification log.


got the update and notifications are working with a loud sound.

After accepting it works while the phone and app are on. As soon as the screen turns off it needs a new alert sent.

Is that by design? Would it be possible to say “accept alert and have a app configured time period for that”?


Thanks for the update! This is HUGE! Now we can communicate as a family!

I just want to echo that the channel notification is not working on my iPhone. There is no perceptible sound, and no banner/popup. This would be very helpful. A visual notification needs to accompany any audible or vibrate notifications. But right now there is neither.