Relay Android and iOS App Update - v1.4.46 - 06/14/18


Good Day @matthewn and @edk. Just wanted to circle back with a clarification on this release.

The notification from Relay to Relay App on your iPhones will be deployed early next week. We’ll keep the Android and iOS version at parity for feature/functionality, but there are two separate underpinning release processes that govern this.

So, look for an app update in iOS early next week for the notification to start working on your iPhone. We’ll update the Release notes accordingly at that time as well for those that read this in the future.

Thanks for Relaying!


I was talking about it running in the foreground vs. background. The smartphone OS is smart enough to not let us do that properly. Media apps are different.


Thank you all for the comments and questions! We were able to identify the issue with the notification sound and have released an update (v1.4.47) to the Android app (Release Notes).

As @Ryan previously said, we’re also working hard on an update to the iOS app that should be rolled out early next week.


I’m getting sound notifications on my Android phone now. Whoo hoo!


Presumably this minor delay on iOS is the result of Apple’s app store vetting process, which is more stringent than Google’s for the play store. I notice the Android Relay app on my phones is on Google’s beta channel. Has or would Republic consider an iOS bata option via TestFlight?


Hey @rolandh,

The team definitely has that as an option long-term. In the near term though, the plan is to iterate early/often and push out improvements at a very quick cadence. Keeping the extra “beta” would add additional complexity that we’ll avoid for now. Onward and upward!


Perfectly reasonable. Apple’s app store approval practices do make this more challenging than on Android though. :wink:


Please say that the functionality to talk with Relays on other accounts is also coming in that update? :crossed_fingers:


That is not in this release it is still in the works.


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I’m sorry, but this was last Friday. It’s now late in “next” (this) week and we are still not able to send channel alerts from the Relay to the iPhone app. It hurts your brand and trains people not to believe you when you say something but don’t follow through like this (and by launching a product that has less than half of the features that were advertised on your site and in your promotional video).


This delay might be on Republic, Apple or a combination of the two. Apple’s app approval vetting process is more stringent and takes more time than Android apps in Google’s Play Store. I’m not making excuses for Republic. Though somewhat new to the iOS platform, Apple’s generally lengthier approval process is something Republic needs to take into account when offering timeframes for app updates.


Agreed. For what it’s worth, App Review Times says it takes two days to approve and publish an update:

But this is not the first time that something has been promised “early”. If you remember, the Relays were advertised to be available in “early 2018”, and they only very technically met that milestone by about 9 days.

My point is that if the team would stop making promises then it would at least prevent frustration when they don’t follow through on it. Or, even better, make the promises and actually deliver. We obviously want them to succeed because we like the concept of their product. This just feels more and more like a Kickstarter campaign rather than a product launch by an established company.


And then Republic gets hammered for not sharing dates or expectations. They can’t win either way and it’s impossible to predict 100% when things will happen when you’re building a brand new product from scratch.


I understand. How about 50%?


We understand that this is frustrating for those who have their Relays and want this device to be the solution to a lot of day-to-day complexities; we want Relay to be that too! We try very hard not to make set-in-stone-bet-your-bottom-dollar promises when it comes to timelines because the truth is (as with many products and companies) that there are so many factors (development, QA, etc.) to launching a feature or product, that those deadlines are not immune to being changed unexpectedly. In this case, we want the iOS update to be working properly and that is more important to us than getting it out fast, even if that means we need to be more vague on timing.
The one promise I can make is that we are working very hard to get this iOS update out as soon as we possibly can. We had hoped to have it out this week but did not, and for that we do apologize- but rest assured, that does not mean it’s lost priority.


Thanks @Andi_B. I know you all are working hard on it to get it done as soon as possible.


Hey @joelandtessi, just wanted to follow up to see how Relay channel alert notifications was working on your iPhone?


Yes they are working well, thanks @Ryan