Relay Android and iOS App Update - v1.9.64 | 10/26/18


A new version of the Relay app has been released. See our release notes :point_down: for more info.


Great job by the Relay team on the new Maps update! That is a sweet upgrade.


What a great update with the location update. Also appreciate that the low volume alert has been moved down. It’s a small change but I greatly appreciate that.


This up grade is great. The first phone to up grade was my FI phone a nexus 5x I still dont have it on the RW phones Moto 5G+ Which the wife cant find me for honey
does .LOL. We have only 2 devices as being senior citizens as we are called,in thought only


So glad you like the updates! I was really happy to see the low volume alert as well. Do you think these changes make location tracking easier for you?


Seeing the tagged name of the Relay device does make the location tracking page a lot more convenient and less confusing to use.