Relay app loses activation information


My Relay app on Android appears to lose the activation information about my two relays. That is, when I start the Relay Android app, it frequently prompts me to activate my relays (via the menus I used successfully last night to activate my two brand-new relays), rather than displaying info about my two relays.

Originally this problem was intermittent. Signing-out and signing back in restored visibility to my two relay devices. However now, neither retrying nor signing-out-and-in works.

Has anyone else seen this? Got suggestions for workarounds?

Details: My phone is an RW Moto E, 2nd gen, Android 5.1. Relay app is version 1.4.47. One relay device is build 92, other is 98. (the 92 did not auto-update overnight as I was expecting.)


Activated but not working
Activated but not working

I’m having the same problem. Activated a couple hours ago, but now the app wants me to activate again although the Relay isn’t ready for that. It says no one in your group is online.


I’m having the same problem. I activated my son’s Relay this afternoon and all went well for awhile. Then intermittent problems began. I couldn’t always access his Relay on the app because of a prompt to activate a Relay. Then he could hear me from the app but his Relay said that it wasn’t connected to the Relay server. Then I became completely unable to access his Relay from the app because I kept getting a prompt to activate a Relay and the app wouldn’t let me past that. No amount of signing on and off or twiddling made it work. Please someone help. My son is so excited about this.


Signing out and back into the app solved my problem. But now the app is disconnected any time I switch to another app. It takes quite a while before being ready again.


This is looking like a system problem. Having the same issue, all my Relays are no longer in the app and instead it is asking to activate. @SeanR @Andi_B Houston, we have a problem. I’ve opened a ticket. For the reference of the employees 1414005.

Activated but not working

I am having this same problem.


Morning 2: Here’s an update to my original post…

  • Both of my relay devices are now at build 98. (My second device updated itself overnight.)
  • I powered off and on both relay devices.
  • My relay app is now starting much better now. It presents the device info about 2/3 of the time. (It still asks me to re-activate about 1/3 of the time.)

I am not sure that updating and rebooting the devices helped, but my devices and app are usable now.

PS: Voice chat works well between both relay my devices and my relay app, via home Wi-Fi and around town via cell.


Thanks all. Our technicians are aware of and working on this as of early this morning. If you are experiencing this same issue, please close and reopen the Relay app. If the problem persists, submit a Help ticket if you have not done so already.


I’m also having the same problem, submitted a ticket and they asked me to reseat the SIM card. I did, nothing changed. I think it’s on the app side as my two Relays are able to communicate back and forth.


@Andi_B In my case at least, this resolved overnight. Last night I both signed out/in on the app and removed/reinstalled the app with no change. This morning, the app instead of showing an activation message, showed and error about not starting. I removed the app again, reinstalled it, and it now is working.


My relay is active. I got a confirmation email. But the app wants me to enter the activation code again and the relay doesn’t give it to me anymore clicking three times.

I can’t get past the activation screen. Moto G4.

I can’t use the thing.

All I hear is no one in your group is online.


Not sure why this is happening, but I would suggest a factory reset of the Relay which will put it back in activation mode. Directions are here: How to Factory Reset Relay – RelayGo


I’m having the same issue on apple.


This seems to have resolved itself overnight. My Relay App this morning instead of asking to activate presented an error message the Relay App failed to start. Uninstalling an reinstalling the app resolved the issue (although it didn’t last night).


@louisdi I also saw an error message pop-up this morning. I forgot about it, and wish I had taken a screenshot.


Give a try to uninstalling and reinstalling the app on your phone to see if it resolves the issue. If not, open a ticket here: Submit a request – RelayGo


Okay, thanks. I’m going to keep an eye on the status of this- after talking to our technicians, the suggested fix is to the close and then reopen the app. I’ll revise the marked solution to include that. We’re still thoroughly troubleshooting, so I’ll update this thread with any new developments.


Just FYI – Multiple closes/reopens, including force stops, did not resolve the issue last night.


Same issue with our Relay last night. More often than not the reactivation screen appeared when starting the app. Occasionally we got through to the app properly (maybe 1/3rd of the time). Closing and reopening the app on its own is not a viable long-term solution. @louisdi’s solution appears to be more robust.


Is it still happening today? We pushed a fix this morning and closing then reopening the app post-fix should have put a stop to the activation prompt nightmares. If not, definitely open a ticket, let me know the number, and I’ll make sure someone follows up on it as soon as possible.