Relay app loses activation information


We’ve left the app open when we get a successful connection so as not to risk losing it. I’ll check when I get home this afternoon. Thanks for working so quickly on a fix!


Sure! Please keep us posted :-). We want to make sure Relay is working properly for you guys.


Andi_B Did you get the message from me, about shipping?
Also, how’s this issue going for everyone? Did this get resolved? With all technology comes issues, but are they outweighing the benefits? How do y’all like the relays? Can’t wait for ours to come!


@Andi_B This problem is fixed for me for 24+ hours. Please share our thanks with the dev and support teams for their super-quick response.


Yes, I’ll respond to you in the PM @Mamajewelbear


No issues for the last 18 hours. Seems to be working great.