Relay as extended Amazon Echo Dot



With the voice recognition in the Translate channel, Relay has entered the Amazon Echo Dot space. Would it be possible to add new channel that has the ability to connect to the home based Echo dot to remotely mirror its function?
Imagine you are far from your Alexa to hear you and as you have your Relay, it would function as extension, allowing Alexa to execute your command and use Relays speaker to return voice response.


Stan, I like that idea. Are you imagining that the Relay would always be listening like the Alexa or you would have to press the button?


Willy, the Relay would listen only when you press the button and reply whenever the answer is ready. Perhaps, when you press the Relay button, the parent Alexa would not be listening to avoid confusion.


The first level of connection would be within the same Wifi reach. Second level, more cool, would be to use cell signal to connect to your Alexa. It would be more complicated, of course as it has to connect to the right server.