Relay Assistant: The New Push to Talk Voice Assistant

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New to realy! My son (8) and daughter (5) are REALLY enjoying it! Love the assistant, any chance there will be an update out that will allow it to tell you the time? Or link a calander to it? Thanks in advance - happy customer!


Hi @jessicam.q1nnya,

Welcome to the community. We are working on updates to the assistant. I know that the time one is part of it but not sure about the calendar. How would you want that to work? Come up with what you want and put it in our #share:ideas section.

Time and setting alarms and timer reminders seems like a great idea for kids. You can set a timer for the kids to check in or head back for dinner etc.

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I really love the timer and alarm idea, I use the timer a lot for my daughter

How great would be for my daughter to stop asking me what time is it! Calendar idea is great too for scheduled events, like birthdays or family festivals