Relay battery charging time


When using the charger and cord that comes with the relay, what should the charging time be, approximately, in a standard outlet?

Can the relay be overcharged and ruined?


I’ve found a mostly empty Relay gets to fully charged in just under 2 hours. As far as overcharging that’s not possible as the Relay has overcharge protection and stops charging when full.


Hmmm. We just got ours and it works GREAT, we’re already loving it, but it’s been charging overnight and still isn’t full on battery.

It’s good to know it’s got overcharging protection, though, Thank you!


We have four relays and I have never seen them hit 100%. 99% and 98%, but never 100%.


I had to do a factory reset at the advice of support before I ever saw one at 100%.

They now get there, but some guidance on expected charge time and most importantly confirmation that they have some over charging protection built in.


We’d recommend trying a factory reset as @pirate96 mentioned. Typically, it should take 4-6 hours for a Relay to fully charge: How to Charge Relay – RelayGo.

If the factory reset doesn’t work, please open a help ticket and we’ll look into it.