Relay channel alert


I have the app downloaded on 3 phones all logged in with the original credentials. I am finding when my child sends a channel alert the original phone that activated them only gets the alert, my husband’s phone does not. In the event of an emergency this was going to be a way for my kids to contact me at school or out but if I’m unreachable I would hope my husband would get a notification too. The 3rd phone we tried it on is 10 hours away so I figured it was just a location/distance issue but it still doesn’t send it to my husband’s phone even if we are all in same room.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention! What phone is your husband using? Please make sure he has his Relay app up to date if you have not already done so.


Depending on the Android or iOS version, he may also need to accept/allow/enable the notification permission for the Relay app.


We both have android and we just downloaded the app to his phone this morning and accepted all the permissions. My mother has an iOS operating system but I haven’t checked her phone yet. We are driving up to visit her next Friday (13th) so I’ll be able to check when I’m there.


Awesome, thank you for clarifying :slight_smile: Which android phone specifically is your husband using?

A few things to try before we point you elsewhere:

  1. Although you did just install the Relay app this morning, that does mean it should be on the latest version. But, just in case, go ahead and double-check that the Relay app is up to date by following the instructions here.
  2. Make sure your husband’s phone is allowing for notifications to come through from the Relay app. This can be done in the settings off the phone, where notification preferences are for each app.

If each of those steps don’t resolve the issue, we definitely recommend opening a help ticket with our agents so we can see what is keeping the channel alerts from going through.


We both have an LG Pheonix 3. I got his to work in the house tonight but said he didn’t get any that were sent earlier today. I will play with it a few more days while he is at work and see what happens.


Do other apps which require data (Wifi or cellular) work during the same time when you were testing the Relay channel alert? Is background data disabled or limited to certain apps?


I got it to work on my husband’s phone now. I still have to investigate my mom’s tomorrow when I see her