Relay device is offline


The relay is offline and unable to connect. How do I get it back online?


Is this in an area that has had cell reception before? If this is a new area you may not be in cell coverage.

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The most common reasons for this, from support, are:

  1. Relay is off - I know seems simple but we get a lot of people who think their relay is on but when we instruct them to plug it in, they see a red ring signifying that it is off.
  2. Software issue - Sometimes software (all software) can get into a bad state. Simply turning the Relay off and back on can help here.
  3. Bad coverage - If there is no WiFi or cellular connectivity or they are both weak, then the Relay will not be able to get to our servers. If this is the case, contact our support since we have multiple carriers options.

If you need help, just reach out through the app on the phone, support can help. The Relays do have a warranty if it is hardware related but it is not usually hardware.