RELAY doesn't work if cell is sleeping


My cell and RELAY work fine. But anytime the cell phone (display) goes to sleep, the RELAY no longer works.I get the message “no one in your group is on-line” . If the cell can’t go to sleep won’t it’s battery just run down faster?

And I don’t know the cell is sleeping unless I look at it. I set the cell to 30 minutes.

What am I doing wrong ? The cell wakes up with an email but not the RELAY.


Hi @jimdwest,

I think I might have redirected you here from Republic’s Community. Candidly, I was hoping someone more experienced with Relay than me would chime in. I’m also not entirely certain about your question, however, I’ll take a shot based on what I think it might be.

Are you saying someone with a Relay hardware device is unable to reach you via the Relay app on your phone? If so, to some extent, your experience is expected when you’re phone is sleeping or if any other app besides the Relay app is running on your phone’s screen. To get your phone’s attention, the Relay user needs to first press the volume button on their Relay for 2 seconds. This results in your phone receiving a channel alert notification. If your phone is sleeping that notification would wake it much as an email notification does. Once aware of the notification, you’d bring up the Relay app and respond to the Relay user letting them know they have your attention. More here:


It sounds like you also want to be able to monitor a relay channel while your phone is asleep. You can vote for that feature here.


I “think” your suggestion works. I got an alert on the cell. Going to practice a little now.