Relay failed my unscheduled durability test


We got our relays last Thursday on 6/21. We are really liking them so far, and can’t wait for more features to be added.

However, we already had a durability issue. The relay carried by my oldest daughter inadvertently fell out of her pocket while she was sitting stationary on her bike (not riding it at speed). It hit the concrete, and the relay split open at the seam going around the middle of the device. I was able to mostly snap the device back together, but there is one small spot that still has a gap.

Relay folks – how should I be thinking about this? I was under the impression that relays were going to be very durable, water-resistant, etc. Did I get a defective unit?

PS – we need accessories to make these things easier to carry!


Might check with the Relay folks as it might be covered under warranty


@mitchj.t71ac1 we have had similar falls where our device falls and the case pops open a bit, in our few instances we have been able to pop it back together without issue. I agree you should start a service ticket.


Hey @mitchj.t71ac1, Sorry for the delayed response! Please submit a Help ticket and let me know the ticket number and I’ll make sure it gets in the right hands.