Relay FB Live AMA & Giveaway!


We’ll be hosting an AMA live on Facebook tomorrow at 12:00pm ET. Tune in to ask your Relay questions, learn more about our new Channel Store, and hear from members of our Relay Team. Plus, we’ll be giving away a pair of Relays + 1 Month’s free service- all you have to do is leave a comment on the post! Check out our Rules and Regulations for details.


Yesterday (8/29) we gathered a panel of Relay team members @sam.quaile, @barbarasharnak, and @brandon to discuss Relay’s new Channel Store. Check it out! :tv:

Here’s a rundown of the questions we answered, in the order they were asked:

  1. How many devices can be connected together to talk to each other at one time?

  2. We recently tried Verizon’s GizmoPal and are completely dissatisfied with the gps feature. What can you tell me about your gps feature in the app and it’s accuracy?

  3. When can I talk to each relay individually?

  4. I saw on Facebook you were recently having issues with the battery life of the relay. Has this been resolved?

  5. Is this something that would work for seniors as well that have trouble using the phone?

  6. Why do they need to tap another relay to talk to it? Tapping means they are in the same space and can talk in person.

  7. What is the range on this? Is the distance everywhere like cellphone coverage?

  8. Do I always have to have the app open to work? Will you have a notification option soon?

  9. When I tried to create a channel, the option does not exist for me in the Relay app. Is it supposed to open to all current Relay users?

  10. Is there a plan to allow for 911 calls? I’m still on the fence about getting these for my kids…

  11. I may have missed this, but when will you have the music option? My daughter is so excited about that!

  12. I got a new smartphone and put the app on my new phone, I can’t seem to find a way to delete my old smartphone app Relay “device” from the list of Relays on my account. Is there a way to delete these old smartphone app Relays yet?

  13. How exactly does the Relay alert you a message is waiting? Does it beep? Vibrate?

  14. Once bumped, how long does the connection last?

  15. With adding things will the Relay be able to update or will a new device need to be purchased?