Relay Firmware Update - ROM 105 - 06/28/18


A new firmware version for Relay is being rolled out. Check out our Release Notes for more info.


My boys are gonna love this one! Animal noises lol🤪 but my daughter wants to know how soon she can use it for music


So how will it work? Will they need to push the talk button then bump them together? Trying to figure out if it updated last night or if I need to plug them back in tonight…


Hi @Teachkindrz. You can check the software/firmware version on your Relay by following the How-to Guide linked below. Since the chat-enabled version of the Relay app for phones was released, this article should probably have a step between 1 and 2 (1a). which has you open the hamburger menu before you can tap to configure one of your relay devices. cc @Andi_B


The update for this feature will be rolled out over several days so it is possible you won’t see it right away-when your app shows that you’re on ROM 105. The animal noises will sound when you bump the Relays back to back (there’s a magnet in them so you can feel when connect).


We need a contest to guess the possible number of different animal noises coming with ROM 105.


So it will show up as ROM 105 in the app? Mine are all currently at (98) with an update last night, previously they were at (92)… Previous posts say 98 was the most current


Yes. Because we are rolling this update out over the course of several days, it may be a couple days until yours moves to 105. I can tell you mine is also showing 98 as well.


l had one relay update the other is still on 98 an says it is up to date.
How to get it to up date?


I actually have the same question… Any news on the percent of units that this has been made available to? My units are still at 98 and it seems like quite a few more days than “a couple days”.


Hi Louisdi
No I haven,t got a clue of what% have got this up date My one relay said check up date clicked it an it up dated. The other relay is on the 98 load says up to date.
The info is not on any of the list of new an latest loads. I sent a help ticket asking about an got the same canned answer they give no info at all


Same situation here as well. Any idea what may prevent these relay units from updating. I have had mine plugged in for days turned on and no joy, both units still showing ROM 98.


Hey Fototman2100
I put them on charge at night an that is when the are supposed to up date This is the first up date I have seen,an loaded on 1 relay only. And no info on this up date at all that I can find on any of there info


I updated these from ROM 92 to Rom 98 and like these steps you had to have it on, plugged in over night and have signal for it to update. I have had all of that. Must say I am glad to see them bring back the manual update process with this ROM update which was initially available with ROM 98.


Hey I am going to play stupid what manual up date? I
still have not got the rom 105 down load Here was what was up dated to my one relay load}
An then it says it has the latest up date


Edit Is this the rom 105 down load? May be


In the ROM 105 release notes it states that we will be able:

  • Relay app now allows user to immediately update Relay instead of waiting for a nighttime update ( Note: Relay’s must be updated to ROM 105or later)


The issue for many of us is we still don’t have ROM 105. I appreciate it’s a staged rollout, however, at this point, I think it’s fair to say that it’s more than “several” days past June 28th.


Hi Everyone! Our team identified an issue that was preventing Relay’s from downloading this update. We’ve identified a fix and are working on getting the updated out as soon as possible. The current goal is to have this rolled out to everyone by the end of the week, as long as no other issues pop up.


OK what is rom 105 load no? Is it
That is what is on 1 relay the other relay is still at 98.