Relay Firmware Update - ROM 105 - 06/28/18


Yes. (112) should be the most recent update. If you go to manage on the other (non-up-to-date) Relay and scroll to the bottom, there should be a way to manually initiate an update. do you see that?


Yes an when i hit the (right Hand box) to up date it checks an then says up to date at load 98.


Hmm okay, what about after a device refresh?


Ok Relay is plugged in to charger an is now downloading the up date From my Phone as of right now.


Excellent! Please keep us posted if you run into any more issues with the update.


Well that went quiet well .Both relay are now up to date. with which is Rom 5 . Right?


They can mark the tbl ticket closed please


Roger that. I’ll get it taken care of for you.


Thank you much


Just to let every one know the up dates on both relay are now up to date with the rom 5 load Every thing is a go an works ok at this time.


I’m confused. Is ROM 105 or ROM 112 the latest? Either way, all of our relays are still on ROM 98. I just downloaded the latest iOS app update and now I have the option to manually check for ROM updates again. After manually checking on all of them each say they are up to date… on ROM 98. :thinking:


The rom 105 is when down loaded That is what you will see on your app when you select what ever your relays are.


I had that tbl to but as of yesterday one loaded an the other one keeps saying on 98. But today it did up load to Rom105 which is . Make sure you have it on your charger . Then in you app select which one of the relays you want to up date Down in the bottom right corner you will see a box that let you update your relay. I hope I did not confuse you to much.


@telemon1 Thanks for spelling it out like that. Made sense once I read it. Both of my relays are now fully updated.


Great to hear that you now have your relays updated.
I just wish they would give out all the info when they do a up grade on the roms with the load no. to look for.
Sure would save a lot of confusion on every one part.


I apologize for the confusion. The latest ROM version is 112. It is now available for everyone!