Relay for grownups


Hello all. I was excited that Relay was finally available for ordering, however when it came down to it, I did not place an order yet.

The first problem was that my primary point of interest was having something which I could have with me “always”, even when without wearing anything with pockets. There were pictures a while back showing a bunch of neat carrying accessories, but I could not find it now, and they do not appear to be available at this point in time. Please include the descriptions/pictures of these options, and if possible, an estimate when they will be available. No matter how wonderful Relay turns out to be, if I can’t carry it under all conditions, it is just another “cell phone” I leave laying around and it does me no good.

Next, the information on what it DOES is kind of limited, but I was able to piece together enough to see that for my purposes, it’s not yet worth the monthly cost. I’m quite pleased with the ability to only get calls from other Relays on my account or whom I give access via an app, but it is a problem that if I attempt to call someone with the app, they only know it if the app is open. With no children and only grownups in my “network”, this makes contacting anyone except the other Relay holder “impossible”. Is there any chance that eventually, the app will “ring” them even if the app is not open?

No 911? That’s annoying but I guess not a deal breaker, since when away from home I have my regular cell phones. Unless I forget them.

I didn’t see any mention of bluetooth; probably ok since it would increase the cost and reduce the battery life, but wires are annoying and wireless accessories attractive. Perhaps a compatible plug in adapter could be eventually available?


Actually, there is Bluetooth - but I think it’s only for speaker/earphones (not to be confused with a headset - microphone and PTT are not supported at this time. Not even with wired headsets).

Otherwise I’m tending to agree with you. As a general-purpose communications device for adults, it’s too limited and too expensive compared with other options.

Perhaps for helicopter parents wanting a 'Lectronic Loinfruit Leash™ it’s worth the high initial and recurring cost for the parental controls, GPS tracking, and simplicity of operation, but for adults who want to avoid a cellphone, an actual two-way radio of some sort is both more affordable and more flexible.

I still like the concept, if only for the simplicity of radio combined with the ability to span great distances – perhaps I’ll bite when the price comes down. But for now, I don’t feel like paying a premium price for a product that isn’t even fully developed yet.


Ah just like the first days at RW,with the new phones an service
Be bold an jump in I think it is going to be one heck of a ride


We are working on getting accessories released soon for the reason you just described. We absolutely want these to be as seamlessly integrated into kids and parents’ day-to-day routines as possible.

We’ve go a lot in store for Relay, so don’t rule this feature out. However, it is important to note, that Relay is not intended to be a replacement for adults’ cell phones if their primary goal is to communicate with other adults in a call/voicemail-like fashion.

We actually do not have BT compatibility at this time, but rather a wired headset feature. I will keep this in mind as we relay feedback to development from The Neighborhood. Thought BT/pairing may be more difficult for kids to navigate.

Thanks for all the feedback! This is exactly what we’re hoping for as we grow Relay. Keep it coming! We’d love to see you with a Relay, even if it take a few more compelling features for it to happen.